Skarlett Woods could easily pass for a contemporary reincarnation of Henry Thoreau if the writer of the classic Walden had a knack for throwing in some wild escapades, like a stint on an Oregon crabbing boat or pedaling a daring 6,000-mile trek across the heart of America. You hear tales like that and find yourself whispering a silent wish to the musical gods, hoping her latest album resonates with that same spirit of adventure and unbridled freedom.

Well, here’s the scoop: it absolutely does. Now, while the term “eclectic” might conjure notions of disarray or disconnection, it’s the restlessness of her creative spirit that truly defines the essence of this musical journey. Skarlett deftly weaves together the rich tapestry of quintessentially American sounds—folk, roots, rock ‘n’ roll, and alt-country, the very strands that comprise the vibrant fabric of Americana music—blending and merging them into a sonic tapestry that mirrors her own restless soul.

“Portland, OR” bursts at the seams with rock ‘n’ roll bravado, brimming with relentless grooves and effervescent guitar licks, an intoxicating fusion of infectious energy and rebellious fervor. On the other end of the spectrum lies the delicately poised “Me, I, Me, Me,” a captivating testament to her songwriting prowess, one that rightfully earned her top honors at the illustrious Duluth’s Dylan Fest Songwriting Contest.

Amidst these contrasting musical narratives, she effortlessly saunters through an array of sonic landscapes. “Can’t Stop (Thinking About You)” oozes with intimate, late-night vibes, casting a hushed and romantic spell. “Somewhere Between Stanley And Lotus ~ Gently,” a sprawling opus, weaves a tapestry of crisp acoustic guitars and a haunting violin and a vocal and vibe reminiscent of the evocation of a Nora Jones ballad, drawing us into a world that’s equal parts alluring and heart-rending, cinematic and hopeful.

Meanwhile, the title track serves as a poignant slice of pop-folk introspection, a contemplative gaze at the tumultuous crossroads of our modern world and the uncertain paths that lie ahead.

Letters To the West stands as a testament to Skarlett Woods’ remarkable artistry, a musical opus that mirrors the very essence of the woman behind the music—remarkable, audacious, and utterly one-of-a-kind. - By